:: the dilbert zone work smarter, not harder!
:: the onion mischievous raccoon wreaks havoc on international space station...
:: gallery of regrettable food what were they thinking? how did they eat this bilge?
:: net disaster choose a site that you'd like to punish, or whose destruction would bring you bliss and delight, or just fun
:: badger badger mushroom MUSHROOM
:: only in kenya holy.crap.lions! tours
:: salad fingers 5 the grand picnic
:: the lord 3 as you can see, i am no longer under the influence of the horse
:: salad fingers 4 today i am going to try and find FRANCE
:: salad fingers 3 nettles
:: salad fingers 2 i wonder what you taste like
:: salad fingers 1 i must find the perfect spoon
:: rule of the office this report is no good
:: the apple ipod 20 minutes of music anywhere