Also Goes By
Wrecking Ball; Brittles; Jitters; My Right Arm; Marzy Doats; Little Nancy Drew; Little Mary Lou; Mary Yellin'; Nipples; Griggles; Aretha Franklin
More About Pia
- Pia writes her famous nightclub song
- Pia accuses everybody of racism
- Pia organizes the Historic Million Cat March
- Chickenloaf and Pia have a big fight
- Gracie and Pia write a Fathers Day poem
- Pia takes an embarrassing photograph of Gracie
- Pia gets a recording contract for her famous nightclub song
- Pia blasts out of the cupboard straight at Dad's head
- Pia plays one of the Three Wise Guys in the Christmas Play
- Say it Soft and it's Almost Like Spraying
- Pia wears an NAACP T-shirt for her Class Picture
- Pia starts a new garage band called Deaf Leopard
- Pia gets her ankle pierced.
- pia leaps like a cow
- pia poses as a road kill
- pia serves nicely as a car jack
- pia is an evil hypnotist
Pia Underfoot Clawsnlegs
Pia The Bare Pia Facts

Back Yard, Halloween, 1995
Approximately May 1995
- Student at Bassettville Private Academy for Dilletante Mammals
- Worked part-time at Hooters for a while, but the men kept pinching her tail. Now mows lawns.
Culinary Preferences
Orange Duck Paté
- Getting Tattoos
- Stealing Cars
Heard on the Street
This big blonde totters over to us wearing a purple naugahide minidress with a Saranwrap shawl and these black combat boots with yellow smiley-face ribbons lacing them up. She bends down over us so the five pounds or so of clay axe medallions and goddess beads hanging around her neck dump right onto my head. She's breathing cherry Tequila and clove cigarette smoke in my face and slurring "Looga da sweeeeeet little tittie tats! Heeeeere tittie tittie titties! Hey loog over here, guys! Titties!"

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