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the boy who cried newts!

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Little Nosegay is worried about newts.Kitten Update
The kittens are exactly four weeks old today. Over the course of four weeks they have transformed from nappy grubs into sketched-with-great-detail young cats with distinctly separate personalities. They are chummy, erratically mischievous, interested in everything, fearless.

Almost fearless. The other day I was taping a strip of cardboard to the bottom of the door, and I pulled a long strip of packing tape off its spool. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiip ! They were all so startled they toppled right over.

And this morning through the door, I heard Nosegay cry "News! Newts!" So I stepped in to banish the marauding newts.

There were no newts.

Just a sow bug milling around the baseboard.

Photo: Nosegay, the Boy Who Cried Newts and thus has no credibility

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