Also Goes By
Noseables; Brother Nosegay; Stuart (adopter-bestowed)
More About Nosegay
- Nosegay and Little Rabbit sleep interlocked like Lincoln Logs
- Nosegay has the scent of clean laundry
- Nosegay is born and is compared to fish bait
- Dreaming About Sleeping
- The Gift of a Sweet-Faced Cat
- MiniCats
- Nosegay cries Newts!
- Presenting the Kitten Photo Album, Part I
- Killer Fish! High-Speed Tree Surgeons!
- Just Sit Still and Watch the Light
- Class Pictures
- Vertical World
- Mosh Pit
- Bravo for Ringworm!
- Pee-O-Rama
- Nosegay has a handsome noble young visage
- If I Forget Thee, Let My Right Paw Lose Her Cunning
- Happy Birthday. Do Not Forget Us.
- Turtle Basket
- Swimming Cats & the Fabulously Wealthy
- The Sweet Speech of the Perfectly Sane
- It's. . .
- The Meaning of Nosegay
- Nosegay has the face of a Viola tricolor
- Little Nosegay smiles and smiles
- A heart as soft, a heart as kind
- Enjoying a Yummy Snack
- Bootlaces
- Little Nosegay, the Perfect Gentleman
- Little Nosegay (Box Shot)
- The sweet sleep of the perfectly safe
- Enjoying a Nice Feast
- Nosegay and Snooples are Beautiful Little kids
- Class Pictures
- Nosegay chums up
Nosegay Van Lips
Nosegay The Bare Nosegay Facts

Born in the Kitten Room
August 2, 2000
- Brother, St. Claws Monestary & Brewery, Ithaca, NY
Culinary Preferences
Danish Ballhead Cabbages
- Turtlebasket
- Foodball
- Gardening
Heard on the Street
"An elderly bluetick hound tends the vegetables and roses. He wears a jingle bell tied to his left front leg so as to warn the cats of his arrival. Though I fail to see what threat he poses, as he is toothless and half-blind. His name is Earl."

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