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Baby Nini

ham: ask for it by name

monday, march 5, 2001

Behold! A baby picture of Nini!

She is 2 1/2 months old! She adores ham and bells!

In fact when Nini is a baby she worships ham so much she asks for it by name. With each whisper the refrigerator door makes sucking away from its seal, this plushy kitten tiptoes across the linoleum and tentatively requests in her squeaky mechanical voice,

Um, Ma'am?
Yes, Nini? Um.................. Hams ?

At 3 months of age, she composes her first song about ham:

Bbbburrrrrning hams! *

Yet when we give her ham, she becomes so excited she cannot eat her slice of ham! She runs around and around and around the ham!

Photo: Baby picture of Nini, March 1994

* Sung as a 3rd 4th 5th arpeggio.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Image: Baby Nini

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