Also Goes By
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Katerina Burninghams
Nini The Bare Nini Facts

A dreary snowbank, February 14, 1994
December 1993
- Financial Analyst and Consultant for "Wall Street Week"
- Recipient of Nobel Prize in Economics for Bungee Stock Theory
- Richest Mammal in the Universe
Culinary Preferences
Burning Hams
Leaving her body and rocketing across the universe
Heard on the Street
"The guns are silent today.

Poignant strains of the Marsellaise behind the city walls. Tiumphant? Lachrymose? One cannot say.

Our group of Resistants has dwindled to four Cats, one small pigeon, and our faithfull Fiedeau, who continues to serve as our chief spy although he has but one tattered ear and has lost three toes to the Lieutenant's sabre. In return Fiedeau piddled on the leg of this same Lieutenant's trousers.

And so, our spirits remain high..."

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