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Chessie, an example of Felinus suburbius in the moray eel phase

moray eel under the bed

saturday, april 7, 2001

It is a little-known fact that, like newts and jellyfish the common house cat, Felinus suburbius, goes through part of its life cycle as an entirely different creature.

Specifically, a moray eel.

Case in point: two mornings ago, a skinny white arm-like appendage extended from under the bedskirts and hooked one black Doctor Martin boot that was lying on its side.

The boot silently glided out of sight.

It's a little like a Thomas Harris novel. Another morning, a pair of skinny white arms snaked out from under the bed and throttled Ben. Aack uck he cried before losing consciousness. Other casualties have included my ankles punctured right through thick socks; Snooples nearly dragged off by her rear legs; Chickenloaf swatted on the behind.

Oh no, here comes Nini waddling down the hall. Nini sidles up to the bed's edge, purring like a garden tractor. She bats my bootlaces so that I cannot tie them.

Scrawny white eel arms rocket out from under the bedskirts! They latch onto one of Nini's fat ankles!

Nuts! Nini yells. You pervert!

Image: Chessie, moray eel stage

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