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- Chessie's baby picture
- Chessie is born and is compared to fish bait
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- Vertical World
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- Cuckoo and Tu Tu
- Little Chessie and Big Chessie
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- Little Chessie looks the most like Mom
- Little Chessie sometimes looks like an old farmer
- Portrait of Little Chessie
- Little Chessie Glows Under the Table
- In the Litter Box
- Bootlaces
- Snooples and Chessie pulling each other's heads off
- Enjoying a Nice Feast
- A quiet moment over the water bowl
- Class Pictures
- Chessie backs Dad's truck over practically everything in the yard
- Chessie gets sucked up in the snowblower
- Chessie aspires to play the Tremulous Flute
- Snooples and Chessie sing a bad song about stabbing
- Book of Cat Poses: The Marine
- chessie serves as a pond decoy
Chessie Van Lips
Chessie The Bare Chessie Facts

Born in the Kitten Room
August 2, 2000
- Student, Bassettville Academy for Dilletante Mammals
Culinary Preferences
Anything but Romain lettuce infested with Devil's Knuckles
- Collecting little plastic dogs
Heard on the Street
dear mr. tolkein,

please tell me how come that nice legolas he never does run out of arrowes?


chessie van lips

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