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A worm is dead - by Chessie Van Lips

Chessie Van Lips
Chessie Van Lips

A Worm is dead. Nobody knows why.

It is just dead. Worms, they die alot. On account of they don't do much I guess. It is boring they dry up or they turn to blobs on these stones. You must be careful your foots.

When a worm dies that's it no more worm. It is not like a catterpiller they get another stab at it. Not worms! No way!

A dead corpse of a earth worm is a wonderus miraculis useful thing. That worm corpse it becomes food for the Earth and the flowers and all living things. Who the hell knows what that's all about.

Anyway I thought people ought to know about a dead worm for once. Worms they live and die and nobody notices except for some weird biology teachers I won't go into that.

Worms are good guys of the Modern World.

Chessie Van Lips is Social Analyist for These Shredded Times.