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coldconfusion, part ii
february 01, 2002
frost on the truck's window 7:00 this morning
"Using session scope variables to pass the sprite from custom tag to custom tag allows the tags to be called from separate templates. As long as the current session does not time out, this sprite is available to any template in the application."

~ Ben Forta, The ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit

Now that THE HOLIDAYS are well in the past, I can think straight again.

THE HOLIDAYS are always a great big train wreck in which thousands of boxcars of crayola crayons go crashing and crunching down the side of a cliff into a big lake, where large-mouth bass chew up the crayons and become gassy.

That's what THE HOLIDAYS are like.

It takes a while to get over. So I haven't written here in a while. Here is some of the stuff that has been going on instead:

1. Spring is rambling around side-by-side with winter. Several flowers are already opening up in the gardens: snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Pleno'); lenten roses, (Helleborus orientalis); spring witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis); winter aconite (Hyemalis erianthus); and this small, golden primrose (Priumla vulgaris) that blooms 12 months a year if there happens to be no snow on the ground.

2. Chickenloaf had a freaky little bout with hypoglycemia one night. But she's okay now.

3. Published a second magazine piece under the pen name, the topic is dandelions.

4. Am building a stone fence. It is currently about 14 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2 1/2 feet high, a good height for sitting.

5. Am framing in the big open space under the loft bed that I built last year and turning it into a closet. Right now I'm at the stage of sawing lots of 2X4s, framing in the doorway, mounting the hanger pole, and cutting the doors to fit.

6. Converted this journal to ColdFusion. Am now writing this entry using an on-line form, BLOGGER style. Which is easier.

7. It is getting increasingly difficult to stay in touch with friends, what with working on Web development about 10 hours a day and not wishing to compose e-mails in the evenings as am sick of computers by then and have eye strain. Composing handwritten letters has produced mixed results, as most people these days have forgotten how to read actual hand writing. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

8. Updated the plant database, adding about 600 new photographs and a drill-down engine so that you can search by genus, species, cultivar, or vernacular.

9. Inherited the centre county paws web site from katynka and odin, queen of the desert. The katynka-odin team, who also specialize in disseminating transvestite cat toys, did such a beautiful job with the site that I did not change the layout much. What I did was convert the site to coldfusion, so that all the animal records are tied to one another and variables fly like shuttlecocks from page to page.

10. Saw a jersey calf get born at The Pennsylvania Farm Show. Held a giant hissing cockroach.

11. Have gotten to be good buddies with ColdFusion, which used to be all scary and intimidating. It was something about the thought of programming with a language that sounded like refrigerator coolant.

Photo: frost on the truck's rearview mirror at 7:00 this morning
Note: coldconfusion part i is in an old online diary that is no longer posted here.

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