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pass the manure fork
:: spilled mad dog wine

pure golden bantam
:: joist! where's my joist!
:: well you're a-scairt of it aren't you?
:: transvestite insects inspecting mexican pastures
:: old lady up in the cupboard

wilderness tips
:: send the anger down through your feet
:: only to find the gideon's bible
:: coldconfusion, part ii
:: the stone fence
:: moths of childhood: the luna
:: caveat emptor

what a friend we have in cheeses
:: raspberry world

cat songs
:: idle cats
:: up jumped the rabbit
:: cuckoo and tu tu
:: gracella, you puddin' pie
:: a chickenloaf is like a melody
:: nini wears a tight bikini
:: butros butros butros butros butros
:: say it soft and it's almost like spraying
:: katerina is drinking hand lotion
:: snooples is a truck-drivin' pussy
:: dumb as a feather tick
:: it's great to be a chicken
:: the charlie and chickenloaf song
:: a perfect pussy but pudgy
:: nini's in the crapper

ill-constructed sentences
:: the unfortunate jam
:: the cart mules
:: the fossil
:: alas, the legs
:: the wax cylinders
:: the buffleheads
:: the no darned good carjack
:: the hypnotist

feline geological formations
:: sedimentary
:: conglomerate
:: plutonic igneous
:: clastic sedimentary
:: volcanic igneous
:: igneous

send up prayers as inordinate as peaches
:: ashes ashes we all fall down
:: in between hearing and not hearing
:: saint behind the glass
:: long distance call
:: take a bucket and fill it with water
stick your hand in it up to the wrist
take it out, and the hole that's remaining
is the measure of how you'll be missed.

enjoy your new litter-a-go-go litter pan
:: crank call
:: can of tuna & a little shove
:: roll your own black cat
:: happy birthday; do not forget us
:: the sweet speech of the perfectly sane
:: it's. . .
:: b-b-b-b-b-blue moon
:: the longest poop stripe in history
:: got soup?
:: inkblot
:: turtle basket
:: old fluff bag
:: a most reprensible habit

subconscious underneath the subconscious
:: little hollow dog
:: somewhere up in the hills of assisi
:: if a body catch a body coming through the rye

rare bird sightings
:: wear it anywhere
:: hamlet, the hamster with no regrets
:: eh, ca va la vache?
:: amusing is that company of fond people bores people fond of company that is amusing
:: oh, 'possum
:: banana telephone
:: sialia sialis

book of cattitudes
:: the marine
:: floor ballet
:: the evil hypnotist
:: "giving the leg"
:: lincoln logs
:: the car jack
:: the pond decoy
:: the game show
:: road kill I
:: road kill II
:: road kill, IV
:: road kill, V
:: shrimp boat, meadow muffin, and dutch rabbit
:: jumbo shrimp, cajun style
:: leaping cow series
:: festive cheese log
:: rare flightless farting owl
:: ghost of cat shows past
:: cloak mode
:: sloth larva
:: haunted beanie baby
:: haunted beanie baby, ii
:: haunted beanie baby iii
:: bread mold