The Chickenloaf Papers: Stories from the Kitten Room
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little chessie and her parsnip tail

sunday, August 27, 2000

Chessie jumps NosegayLittle Chessie, the white little Belle with golden tabby squares like a board game dappled up her back ~ she is the teenie-weeniest of the four. A little insect skipping sideways. Her white parsnip tail spins like a propellor when she skips across the floorboards.

She's got the worried look of a beagle. The boggle eyes of a space creature. The infinite gaze of an old, old man.

Perplexed, she wrinkles her brow. The tips of her ears knit together. So you try harder to explain that's cat litter you don't eat it you dig in it like this see.

She is a tiny bit shy. Then she LEAPS. A sibling SHRIEKS.

Photo: Chessie jumps Nosegay

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