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saturday, august 25, 2000

Sugarlips and Weakie (two weeks old)"I've become a miniature sun."


Kitten Update
This morning Little Weakie trotted across the floor of the kitten room, nice as you please. Overnight she graduated from pushing froglike across the sheepskin to motoring about on her circular feet.

She is now a miniature cat.

Since then she has developed a take-charge manner of marching into the thick of things. Saturday evening I was asking MomCat if there anything she required, and L'il Weakie hurried over inquiring "Yeats?"

Since then the rest have followed suit, prancing about the room, patting wastebaskets and table legs to see if they're real, gazing in awe at the big scratching post made out of a tree limb.

I made the family a snug house by laying a wicker laundry hamper on its back with the lid flat like a drawbridge. The inside is carpeted with the sheepskin.

This morning when I called my usual greeting of "Hi kids!" four minicats came thundering out of their wicker castle.

Photo: Sugarlips and Little Weakie, two weeks old.

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