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presenting the kitten photo album, part II

saturday, october 21, 2000


The kittens are 11 weeks old. They have outgrown the laundry hamper Quonset hut with the sheepskin inside, so I took it out last Saturday.

Sugarlips seems less stressed, but a little sad. She's wistful and round-eyed these days, growing plump as a pillow.

Little Charlie, also known as Pork Boat, fast grows into his big, white mitts. He's got a sinuous, muscular way of stalking across the hardwood savanna, like those paws lug the hulk of a lion.

Snooples has developed high cheekbones an hourglass figure. She has a winsome little waist. Snooples is sometimes given to high melodrama, displaying her lower row of babyteeth between piteous mews.

Nosegay has a handsome noble young visage ~ a little gentleman in the making, wearing his boy's school blazer.

Chessie is a little bitty clown running everywhere in her pajamas.

It is a trick to keep up with how fast the kittens are growing these days. One day Chessie squirms like a happy worm on her brand-new Fuzzy Blanket. next day, she wants nothing but to play Food Ball rough , like kid hooked on soccer.

But look into their faces and you see the most eloquent sign: Halfway between kitten blue and cat gold, their eyes are the color of wine.

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