The Chickenloaf Papers: Stories from the Kitten Room
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friday, october 13, 2000


"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat."

~Edgar Allan Poe

It is Friday, October 13.

A full moon floats over the house, bloated and orange, wearing a shawl of shredded clouds. It grins beatifically into the Kitten Room window.

Edsel finds his waterproof parka pulled down from its hanger, vaguely bowl-shaped on the closet floor.

He picks it up.

It is full of pee!

Pee pours everywhere! It pours on two little cats!

Snooples' and Nosegay's fur is sticky and spiked with old orange pee. They have pinched looks on their faces. They don't smell so nice.

Edsel says there is some justice in this world.

More about Snooples...
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