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pork boat, the palm rider

wednesday, november 1, 2000

Pork Boat, the Palm Rider

Pork Boat, Nosegay, and Sugarlips are due to go to PAWS this Sunday.

Good for them in the long run, at least that's what we are insisting that St. Francis facilitate.

But it's not exactly good for us, since there's no methadone treatment for kitten addiction.

In the mean time, we and Pork Boat still enjoy Upside-Down Palm Riding.

If you pick up Pork Boat and flip him over on his back, he goes limp like a fresh kill, hanging there in a de-boned manner, allowing close inspection of his checkered underside.

Pork Boat will hang indefinitely in this manner until one of his siblings savages his ears.

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