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chat cousteau

saturday, november 11, 2000

Nosegay, our Chatte Cousteau

Sugarlips and The Boys returned from last Sunday's PAWS Pet Extravaganza fondled, drowsy, and full of tall stories. But still ours! Vaguely miffed that no one recognizes that they are the Best Kittens in the World, we are nonetheless thrilled to have them for a while longer.

Meanwhile, the Kitten Room slowly fills with water.

We discovered this trend two weeks ago and thought those slovenly drinkers.

But then this is what happened on Monday:

I set the water bowl down. Fresh water sparkles in the glass bowl, magnifying the golden oak floorboards. Here comes the little swaggering pack of thirsty kittens!

They stop in horror as Nosegay plunges in his arm! He plunges in his other arm! He's up to his cow-licked chest in the water dish, paddling like a beagle! His footpads squeak on the wet glass, and water rockets everywhere!

But it doesn't stop there; next he climbs right in! Nosegay settles into his little bathtub, splashing and sucking his paws. The surrounding floor slowly turns into a bayou.

I can tell from the disgusted look on the other kittens' faces that this has been going on for a while now.

Photo: Nosegay, Chat Cousteau

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