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nosegay forever

thursday, november 30, 2000

Nosegay Forever

"...the event turned on his personality as the massive door of a vault turns on a small jewel bearing."

~ Herman Wouk

This is our last photo of Nosegay. Take note of the tongue.

This was Tuesday, November 28, about 5:15 in the evening. We were playing with him and his sisters in the Kitten Room. Perhaps it was the import of the hour, but with that tongue pink as a rose petal and all, he was looking particularly dulcet.

After while I guess maybe he sensed the dismal fog rolling in. He ceased all sporting and buried his face in his mother's fur. The Kitten Room scene took on a rattly quality like an old sepiatone movie sliding off a projector wheel.

Then the cat carrier appeared. Nosegay went away.

I doubt we will ever see him again. Stuart is his name now. He looks like a Stuart.

But to us he will always be Nosegay.

There are a world of things I will always remember about Nosegay. The way he plowed water in the drinking bowl with his arm all the way in. The way when he sensed something was wrong, his face took on a look of sweet concern and he'd reach up and touch your cheek with his paw. The way when you bundled him on his back, he held his hind feet together and stuck then out straight like a small gymnast.

And his scent. It was the combination of new-mown hay and clean pillowcases dried in the sun.

Nosegay! Posy! Pour toujours!

Photo: Our last photo of Nosegay: Tuesday, November 28; 5:15 p.m.

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