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pinky and the brain

saturday, january 27, 2001

Some readers out there may be wondering about the Kitten Room. After the diaspora of Sugarlips, Little Rabbit, and Nosegay, what then? Where are Snooples and Chessie, the two little females?

Well, here's the rest of that story:

Chessie and Snoopy

Over the course of summer, fall, and winter, Chessie and Snooples have transformed from furry bratwursts into these two sparkling little ladies. On February 2 they will be six months old.

That's Chessie in the foreground, with the elfin mug. She's always got that bashful and prankish grin, which inquires do you like me? no kidding? wanna play?

Chessie's eyes are the color of Dahlonega goldpieces. The spots walking down her back are like light-circles from a flashlight that shines tabby beams. From above she looks like some type of board game. Those piebald ears, those are Turkish Van ears.

Chessie likes to wriggle and squirm on her blanket. It is our cue to roll her around like pie dough. She burrows under the afghan draping the chair, and we are expected to make a big fuss over this garter-stitched lump.

Snooples seems human with her high and noble forehead. Her bird's-wing eyes are the hue of Tawny Port.

She is shameless. A lovebug. Upon first sight of Edsel, she shinnies up his bib overalls like he's a tree full of squirrels. She slings her tiny arms around his neck and gazes at him with frank adoration.

Cuddle Snooples, and she rumbles like a soup pot. She gazes up at you, all sentimental. Huskily murmurs bricks .

These two take terrible advantage of us. Humans are combination jungle gyms and vending machines.

Chessie is Pinky. Snooples is The Brain. Both are slightly cross-eyed from growing up peering into a camera lens.

They are hothouse flowers. They would figure nicely in a Jane Austen novel.

They are ours for keeps.

Image: Chessie (right) and Snoopy (left)

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