Also Goes By
Little Weakie; Mumps; Fondue Ear; Hideous Underbelly
More About Snooples
- Take a Tour of Snooples' World
- Sometimes they call me fondue ear.
- In which we learn that Snooples is Irish. You can tell by the cheeks.
- The back of Snoople's head has entertainment value
- Little Weakie is sometimes called Little Snoopy
- Snooples is born and is compared to fish bait.
- Folding Snooples into Origami Shapes
- Snooples Gives the Gift of a Sweet-Faced Cat
- Little Weakie learns to walk
- Snooples inquires "Yeats?"
- Snooples is compared to Weakie
- Bup!
- Snooples Skins the Cat
- Time stops for Snooples and the rest of us
- Snooples is shaped like a Bosc pear
- Surely the chest of drawers has fallen over on Snooples
- Snooples' brothers get to stay a little while longer
- In which Snooples gets stale cat pee dumped all over her head ... and deserves it
- Presenting the Kitten Photo Album, Part II
- A Holy River Man
- Crank Call
- Pinky and the Brain
- Snooples is tardy
- A Kitten and Her Blowfish
- Cuckoo and Tu Tu
- Snooples is a Truck-Drivin' Pussy
- The Kill, Part I
- The Kill, Part II: Pork Boat covers Snooples' mouth so she cannot scream
- Beautiful Snooples and her wine-colored eyes
- Snooples and Chessie pulling each other's heads off
- Little Snoop Doggie Dog and Big Snoop Doggie Dog
- Snooples tends toward high melodrama
- Enjoying a nice feast
- Beautiful little kids
- Gracie and Snooples put together a boring jigsaw puzzle
- Snooples and Chessie sing a bad song about stabbing
- Snooples gives away $3 million
- Snooples gets lost at the shopping mall
- snooples leaps like a cow
- snooples is a jumbo shrimp, cajun style
- snooples, gracie, and ben are contestants in a game show
Snooples Van Lips
Snooples The Bare Snooples Facts

Born in the Kitten Room
August 2, 2000
- Student at Bassettville Private Academy for Dilletante Mammals
- Founder of Snooples House, Home for the Orphans of Roadkills Since 2002
Culinary Preferences
Pistachios (Shelled)
- Listening to Sousa Marches
- Singing along to the chainsaw
- Playing with her pet 300-pound Anvil
Heard on the Street
"the peoples of the world, they think that the milky way is these balls of burning gas way out there and cats think milk a-dribbling. but the milky way it is where all the old trucks go. everybody's old truck's a drivin' on the beltway of the universe with one or two headlights on! bye bye old nissan!..."

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