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gracie's world 2002



May 1

War Through the Ages

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

May 3

How to Make Elegant Teak Furniture

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

May 4

Spleens: Do We Really Need Spleens?

6th Grade Thesis
By Ms. Gracie De LaRue

May 5

Choosing a Reliable Bird Dog

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

May 6

A Journey Through

What is that racket.

Oh it is Snooples playing Dad's maracas and singing COPA CABANA into the window fan.

A Journey Through Ben's

Now what.

Nini's bread dough mixer. I can see Ninis poofy chef's hat moving back and forth in the kitchen.

I hope that Nini is making Lamb Tarts.

May 7

A Journey Through Ben's Digestive Tract

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

Horses: Nature's Largest Rodents

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

A Linux Server is not a Toy!

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

A Frank Discussion about Where Kittens Come From

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

A Terribly Sad Story

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

I am going out to ride my scooter.

May 8

How to Keep Your Lawnmower from Bursting into Flame

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

There goes the poofy chefs hat again.

Nini is testing her new Deep Cow Fryer. She is frying up an entire cow meat.

Some cats have a very easy life.


May 9, 2002


Don't forget about Ben's diarrhea.

Talk to You Later,



May 10, 2002


Guess what. Mom and Dad want a beagle. They are training Snooples to be a beagle. Snooples drinks out of the toilet ok, but she is having difficulty learning the proper way to drag rotted road kills into the yard.

She is practicing on rotted deer's legs but she gets confused.

This is hard on Snooples.




May 11

A Cat is not a Dog

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

It is time some people realize a cat is not a dog. Even if a cat drinks out of the toilet at times.

First, dogs lips are different than cats lips

A dog's toenails clack, cats don't

Dogs fart more than

May 12

A Pen Pal Can Be Somewhat

You Ought to Try Writing to a

Pen Pals

6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

Having a pen pal is like you are writing to yourself if you lived way the heck over somewheres that you wouldn't be caught dead in.

But there you are anyways, and it is kind of interesting.

Also you do not have to put up with inconveniences such as starvation.

One bad thing is you don't know who the hell it is you are writing to it could be a wart hog

May 13, 2002

Dear Muffin,

Help please send ideas for 6th grade thesis ASAP.

Or maybe your wise guys have some hallucinogenic twigs or something.

I am open to anything at this point.

Thanks in advance,


May 14, 2002

Dear Muffin,

I am going bat nuts.

Last night I was up until 3 a.m. writing my 6th grade thesis on Wok Cookery and then his morning I got woken early to the noise of soosaphones.

Snooples and Chessie were clumping in the parlor to Soosa marches on the phonograph. Ninis collection of antique potato peelers were scattered all over the floor.

Potatoes were stacked like cannonballs in the kitchen. There were some little piles of potato bits.

Snooples and Chessie had gotten into the potato bin. They had sorted out 8 little round potatoes. They had hollowed out those little potatoes. They had made shoes out of them.

They were clumping around in potato shoes.

This is the kind of life I have.

Your Friend,


May 15, 2002

Dearest Gracie,

Please explain what is the diarreah. I will send healing herbs!

It shall be good practice for when I become a large animal veterinarian, which is my greatest dream.

All My Very Best,



May 18, 2002

Dear Muffin,

If you want to be a large animal veteranarian you ought to talk to my big brother Charlie. He is a large animal veteranarian. He specializes in Beef Cattles.

Also he plays electric bass and upright bass and practically any kind of bass you throw at him.

You may have heard of his band it was called THE BEAT. He doesn't show up in any of the photos on account of he is only 1 foot tall.

Yours Truly,


P.S. Nevermind about the diarreah. Ben seems to have gotten past this.



May 19

1, 2, 3 Wok Cookery!

Wonderful Wonderful Wok Cookery!

Wok Cookery

A good Wok Cooked meal is a real hearty treat. Chop up a

Wok Cookery is very nutritous. You don't have to peel your rats

Wok Cookery is terribly dangerous


Our Friend the Snake

How to Make Beautiful Lamps for Your Home
out of Every Day Objects
Such as a Tire Iron


Time for a break.


May 21, 2002

Dearest Gracie,

Must write only a brief missive as am on my way to the village to sell my polished stones. I will write a much more letter after market. . . .

I should very much enjoy the meeting of your brother Charles who is the size of a foot and plays a fish!

Until next time, my very best,


May 22, 2002

Dear Muffin,

Today while Mom and Dad were away buying lumber we all made potato shoes! We are going to wear them to school tomorrow!

Bens potato shoes have sprouts at the toes. Pias are knee-high baking potato go go boots.

Ninis however are the best because they are very long and pointy on account of Nini used yams.

My potato shoes are perfect balls.

Anyways, you might want to try some potato shoes.

Gotta go,



May 25

Potato Shoes: A Pretty Good Idea
6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

A potato shoe can be an interesting thing. You take a potato, see


May 27, 2002

Dear Muffin,

We wore our potato shoes to school two days ago. Weakie had us demonstrate their use. We marched around the classroom to Soosa marches.

Now everybody at school is wearing potato shoes! I am writing my 6th grade thesis about them.



May 28

Why Potato Shoes Are Not Actually a Good Idea
6th Grade Thesis
By Gracie De LaRue

You might think that a potato shoe is a nice thing. It is not.

At first a potato shoes is pretty nice but

The difficulty comes about when

The problem is that they rot and stink like hell after


May 31

No More Frizzy Fur!

Cute Aluminum Foil Animals in Just 10 Minutes

Rehabilitation of Taxidermized Wildlife: A Good Idea?

Safe Stump Removal



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