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old fluff bag
february 14, 2003
Old Fluff Bag
Old Fluff Bag Finds a Permanent Home

Three years ago almost to the day, we rescued Sugarlips from the back yard of the Shitbox House. Six months later, after raising The Four Lamb Chops, Sugarlips was finally adopted away. A long and interesting chapter came to an end.

Well, two years later, she is BACK.

The people who adopted her acquired a PUPPY. Sugarlips found herself back at PAWS. We ended up fostering Sugarlips once again. Same old Shameless Puffery, only sans front claws and noticeably relieved to be back in the Kitten Room.

After a few weeks of hustling the Frazzle Mouse back and forth to PAWS, worrying about who would adopt her this time, and wondering whether they only after a Trophy Marilyn Monroe Kind of Cat, we'd had enough. To hell with it. We are keeping her.


Note: More about Sugarlips...

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