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gracella, you puddin' pie
march 01, 2003

Her name is Gracella
She’s made of Vanilla
And very dark chocolate
And all that is sweet.

And she is the belle
Of the ball of the cellar,
‘Cause all the cats tell her
They think she is neat.

My lovely Gracella,
I’m one lucky fella,
You’ve made such a swell
Little cat. We’re complete!

And you know the smell
Of a mouse. You’re a hell
Of a mouser. You’re fast,
And you’re light on your feet!

Gracella, you puddin’ pie!
Let’s give a rat a try!
Let’s start a habit, I
Know you can do it!

Gracella, why can’t I
Be more like a cat?
Wait, that isn’t a rat,
That’s my wrist that you’re chewing.

Eighty five billion cat owners cannot be wrong!
You’ve made me so mellow, I wrote you this song!

Note: More about Gracie...

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