Also Goes By
Amazing Grace; Gracella; Skittles; Schmutzie; Cuckoo's Boots; Velvet Paw; She's a Little Squab; Zuzu the Skunk
More About Gracie
- Ben gives Gracie a Valentine
- Gracie and Pia write a Fathers Day poem
- Pia takes an embarrassing photgraph of Gracie
- Chickenloaf points out that hand signals are a very important part of the French language
- A Halloween Story by Gracie
- Gracie plays one of the Three Wise Guys in the Christmas Play
- Gracie has a Y2K problem
- In which Ben is implicated in The Great Roundworm Mystery, but Gracie gets him off the hook
- In which Gracie documents Ben's first near-death experience
- Beware the CAT CRUMBLER
- In which Gracie joins in the fun of stringing up Ben and beating him with yardsticks
- In Which Gracie participates in the Historic Million Cat March, which actually is only 4 cats
- Fun with Rubber Hands
- In which the cats sign a petition stating that Dad sucks and they want another Dad
- In which Ben goes into heat and Gracie discovers that Dad is raising the cats for veal
- The rottweilers with horrible teeth and horrible toenails and horrible armpits put their lips on the window
- Gracie looks like a roadkill in her class picture
- Gracie and Snooples put together a boring jigsaw puzzle
- Gracie does not know what to get Brother Nosegay for a present
- gracie and weakie engage in floor ballet
- gracie leaps like a cow
- gracie, chickenloaf, and nini are shrimp boat, meadow muffin, and dutch rabbit
- gracie poses as a road kill
- gracie poses as another road kill
- gracie, snooples, and ben are contestants in a game show
Gracie De La Rue
Gracie The Bare Gracie Facts

Found pummeled by a car on the road in 1996 (is okay now)
Approximately July 1996
- Student, Bassettville Academy for Dilletante Mammals
- Author
Culinary Preferences
Chicken: it tastes just like rattlesnake
- Playing Whiffle The Mouse
- Author of Gracie's World
Heard on the Street
"Out of character, Carhartt shows up to his interview nattily dressed in a Pepto Bismol-colored suit with Squirrel Nutkin cufflinks. The glistening polymer imitation seersucker juxtaposes so violently with Carhartt's striped orange fur that the slightest movement threatens to create its own weather system. The bolo necktie is cinched with an elaborately engraved 3-inch-diameter steel medallion emblazoned with the words SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY. Clamped over the ears is a sparkling white ten-gallon hat..."

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