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a most reprensible habit
march 07, 2003

Ben is, for the most part, a well-meaning little orange cat. However, sometimes there is no getting around it: he is histrionic and reprehensible.

Par Example. Whenever Ben is about to make use of the litterbox in a VERY BIG way, he first scrabbles all about the house with eyes bulging and ears laid back in the Hideous Orange Mask of Death. He topples cats left and right. They go sailing sideways into the walls, diving nose-first into the floorboards.

Once a cat goes down, there's hell to pay. Ben leaps on the cat and begins to sever the cat's head by gnawing through the neck.

This wouldn't be so bad, but unfortunately many of the cats tend to be screamers. I mean, start sawing through their necks with turkey-scented teeth, and they think they're being killed or something.

Bwaaaaaahhhh! Waaaaawooooooo! Waaaaaaghhhooooo! Pia bellows from the bathroom. It makes the hairs on one's arms stand up.

Neeeeeahhhhhhgggggghaahh! WackCOWWWW! Gracie screeches behind the writing table just as one lays fountain pen to paper.

Then, at peace with himself, Ben trots off to the litterbox.

This morning Nini had had quite enough. Nini was in the bathtub listening down the drain. This is important work. She listens for the Drain Devils.

Ben rampaged by on a blur of legs. Nini glared over the bathtub's edge.

"Go boom boom!" she yelled.

Note: More about Ben...

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