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dreaming about sleeping

thursday, august 10, 2000

Little Rabbit, AsleepKitten Update
Those kittens are exactly one week old today. There's Little Charlie, Little Weakie, Little Sugarlips, and Little Nosegay.

MomCat is skinny as a beech leaf. Harassed and owl-eyed. But clearly, dropping a litter is a big hit with the people, so she's thinking I definitely need to try this more often .

At our house there are now two things to do:

1. Play with kittens.
2. Do something other than play with kittens.

The latter usually is not sustainable for any significant period. We'll be paying bills, picking tomatoes, mixing concrete...then all the sudden we'll remember hey there are kittens in that room right there! let's go play with them!

And then we go play with the kittens!

Generally the kittens do not mind. A lot of times they don't even bother waking up but just continue snoozing and dreaming about sleeping. We pick them up, pass them back and forth, turn them this way and that, fold them into different origami shapes. Often they suck their thumbs, that ancient rite of baby mammals with thumbs.

But if we have not disturbed them in several hours, they forget who the heck we are. Then if we pick them up, they hiss and sometimes spit! Puh! Puh! Puh! With their eyes pinched shut, half asleep. Once Little Charlie managed to end up with one of his hind feet in his mouth so that between each miniature ferocious puff, he gummed down on his toes.

Very intimidating.

When left to their own devices, they motor around on the sheepskin blanket by lying on their stomachs and pushing with their hind feet, like frogs.

Their toes resemble the individual sections of raspberries.

When they sleep, they stack squarely like Lincoln Logs, all of them twitching to the same dream.

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