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gracie's world 2003

hello this is snooples!

hello this here is snooples!

today I will be your hostess for the next hour as we take a lovely, stress-free tour of

snooples world june 2003

iron john we shall start right here in the front yard!

this is iron john he weighs 300-some pounds.

iron john, he belongs to chessie and me he is our very dear friend.

we like to drag iron john across the yard and we take him on picnics.

sometimes we sit on iron john and we have our lunch sanwiches. We dangle our foots and watch the bees. Sometimes we sing some sousa marches! just like old times!

iron john is the best anvil a kitten could have. he is extremely patient, as you can see.

also very handsome!

every kitten should have a good sturdy anvil with which to play. Iron john, he is a wonderous thing.

right this way to the tool shed...

maMa's chainsaw this here is maMA's chainsaw!

a chainsaw is a noble thing. you can cause a dead tree to fall right over or trim a dog or just about anything you can think about with a chainsaw.

a chainsaw, it will take care of the job.

on lovely autumn days chessie and me, we like to pull the chainsaw out of the shed, fire it up, and sing along.

gustav klimt this here is gustav klimt my 4-H animal!

gustav klimt has won many contests at the Farm Show including the musical ability contest and the bathing suit contest and the What America Means to Me speech contest.

as a result we now have a lifetime supply of handi wipes and a Chrystler LeBaron!

however, he is shy.

4-H stands for Hell with Homework! Hogs and Heifers!

that is what auntie pia says.

our clubhouse here are some lovely flowers in nini's flower bed!

nini plants all the flowers around here. nini wears a enormous straw hat and purple knee pads. also long purple gloves that go all the way up to the elbows and are decorated all over with little water cans and trowells so as not to inadvertently bristle with spines.

when the earth worms see nini coming they run like the dickens!

i am very innarested in flowers. i go ask gracie what genus and species are these lovely flowers?


that is what gracie says.

i go ask nini:

Cybertorium flatulosum.

our clubhouse this here is the school janitors beetle.

it is our clubhouse!

pia stold it from the school parking lot last fall. that is gracie behind the wheel.

it used to run but then chickenloaf left the headlights on for 13 hours last november.

gracie and pia are trying to get it to run again because they want to drive it to Elmira. pia has putted in a new battery and adjusted the rocker arm assemblies and changed the points.

yet it does not run.

it will never run again.

i know why: foam chicks.

paPa's throwing hen here is paPA's throwing hen! his name is Stairmaster MacLooney The Chicken Blooded. he is an ancient viking weapon of olden days. vikings, they used to throw hens at each other.

Stairmaster MacLooney The Chicken Blooded is neither parsimonious nor contrite. that is what chessie says.

he is from the Old Country.

the tail feathers are what you grasp for the purpose of throwing. however if you have a mind to, it can used to stopper a jug.

Stairmaster MacLooney The Chicken Blooded is a pretty good guy but be careful if you notice that he is hurtling straight at your head.

chessie's stuff animals okay this way over to the porch everybody! careful not to trip over chessies stuff animals. the snail's name is MANKILLER.

chessie putted all the stuff animals on the porch steps so as to go over the house rules for their eddification. they don't mind they are pretty good!

chessie is a STICKLER FOR RULES. for example: whenever chessie is in charge of the house while maMA and paPA are goners at work, chessie, she puts everybody in jail.

i am the chaplain i must make the rounds. i must give last rites.

maMA's foot right here is maMA's foot. it is a size 1 shoe. however it always has steel toes due to being so fierce and dangerous.

here is something new: in addition to a nun i plan someday to be a landscape photographer which specializes in foots! but enough of that for now.

chickenloaf reflected in revereware right this way through the kitchen!

voila! chickenloaf's head reflected in the revere ware!

the bathtub overflow drain okay this way through the master bathroom. do not step on gracie's toad Bufo.

this here is the bathtub overflow drain!

you must beware of the bathtub overflow drain. it is the home in which live the Drain Devils. they have names:

Ooey Gooey
Cowboy Poop

the Drain Devils they have several legs they creeble out from the little holes. they wear little cowboy hats. they sometimes look like miniature wolferines. they sometimes look like gummy bears gone Bad. they are often festooned with cobwebs of various sorts.

nini keeps them at bay by yelling at them authoritatively.

you must be careful the drain devils they emit horrible gas.

chickenloaf's foots here we are in the picture gallery. these are some of my best foots pictures!

these are chickenloaf's foots!

cow foots and knees here are some cow legs and foots and knees.
nini's foot

this is my best foots picture so far.

guess whos foot. ninis!

snoople's foots gracie took this picture of my foots! this is during gym class in which we are performing gymnastics.

i am wearing my white keds sneakers which to be honest are pointy and far too stylish to save just for gym class.

also those are my gym pants!

okay, time to visit my subconscious!

paPA with a Walmart box for a head here is a dream which i have sometimes.

i dream that paPA has a walmart box for a head. he talks in a frightening metallic intercom voice! he says stuorps naeb gnum ecin emos tnaw yttik elttil ereh. yttik yttik yttik yttik!

but not often.

dreams, they always mean something which you do not know. this dream, it means i have eaten too much floor fuzz.

dreams: they are the cliff notes of life.

the STONE SISKIN here is another dream i have sometimes.

i am walking down the hallway at school it is very dark. except it is really the inside of a garden hose, see.

anyway all the time there is this ominous voice singing ROW ROW ROW YOUR ROWING MACHINE.

then some hammer dulcimers commence a-hammerin' and i come upon the STONE SISKIN.

me in a future life as a old tire now perhaps you would enjoy seeing some of my future lifes!

here i am as a old tire! it is the year 2447: tire swings are the mode of travel.

i enjoy being a tire swing it is pretty fun.

before this: front driver's side on a old datsun truck!

speaking of some old trucks...

the milky way is everybody's old trucks sometimes in future lifes i get to see paPA's truck once again!

it is a rare and holesome treat.

the peoples of the world, they think that the milky way is these balls of burning gas way out there and cats think milk a-dribbling.

but the milky way it is where all the old trucks go.

everybody's old truck's a drivin' on the beltway of the universe with one or two headlights on!

by bye old nissan!

a nice educational television program and now we will sit down on the davenport in the living room and watch a nice educational television program!
ben anxiously awaits the roter rooter man here is the litterbox room!

it is haunted but not real bad.

ben is anxiously awaiting the rotor rooter man.

where i was borned i was borned in this very spot right here on this spot! as a baby!

i visit here each day at four o'clock to say my novellas. my favorite is Franny and Zooey.

snooples well, that is it! i hope that you have enjoyed very much this lovely tour.

until next time this is snooples, saying see you later, everybody!

i will go take my nap now.