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gracie's world 2001


Snooples is substituting for gracie this month, on account of gracie
still has 10 term papers to write plus her 4th grade thesis.
And so, just for this month, welcome to

Welcome to Snooples' World!

snooples doesn't understand calendars
i am writting this here as gracie is werking on a feces.

gracie is brittle! she says HERE!

so i go and type my thots but i am a pittiful typest.


i am a verry squeemish typest so i take a lot of breaks. i go pat charlie or onions. i make




i am not fond of computers. sometime i go out to the kitchen and claw the bananas.


i am irish you can tell by these here cheeks! also my ears. i clip my ears on with some nice barrettes. mome says i am most looksome.

see, if you stand close i am dehorned.


snooples doesn't understand calendars
some onions are stronger than garlic is so strong! i notice that!

i patted a onion.

however, pistachios are my favorite. mome lets me crunch them with my tooths. they are always a thirsty thing. they are a thirsty thing for example in that there song about poor old dan. in addition i have this favored mouse.


snooples doesn't understand calendars
pope has withery onions. i saw them!

he keeps them hidden in his personal drawers! those drawers when you open the door there is a light on all the time. cabbages and rubbery carrets in there. great big jars of pickle eggs. yummy insulin for chickkenloaf. CAT SIP.


auntie pia says FAT ASS FAT ASS. that is how i know auntie pia loves me so. i make a bracelet outta of a coka cola.


kibbel ball is a good game if you are ever bored. you should try kibbel ball sometime.

mome skitters kibbels at the door. you skoot at those kibbels before it rolls under the door and you set on it.

or else if it rolls under the door ben eats that kibbel.

ben is a bed ridden cat. he has zero legs.


today i saw a minx in the yard! slinking everywhere!


snooples doesn't understand calendars
charlie is good at burbling and dancing on his toe tips. he is a handsome medical doctor.

i will marry charlie some-day.

auntie pia says charlie will bite you in half. me i pat charlies face all over his face. if you pat charlies face all over his face he appears very uncomfortable but he is not mean.

nini says so. nini tamed charlie long time ago with some beans. one thing about nini: never lies.

FLOOP FLOOP FLOOP! charlie bounds down those stairs!

where's he go? nini says medical emergency. i know what that means. kittens being born!


here is a song

charlie barley! pickles and corn! flexes his toes! kittens are born!

i know a lot about being borned because i was borned one time in that there room right there. see that flowerry blanket? i was a kitten one time!

when you are a kitten everybody turns you over on your back and they look at your privates and they lift up your ears to see if you have brains underneath your ears. then they say awwwww which means you have no brains under your ears i guess.

chessie was a kitten too one time. she slept right in that litter box there. we had to poop all around her.

sometimes we are yelling and mome says who's there kittens? chessie says ANIMALS! she is smart!


snooples doesn't understand calendars
there is a big snake in this house. it eats pork. nobody knows about this.


snooples doesn't understand calendars
here is something: a flea will make you itch!

auntie pia sometimes gives me cigarrettes for fleas. i puff a cigarette and then i throw up!

but no fleas!

sometimes pia has tattoos sometimes not.

one time i saw a porkupine with dainty black feets. porkupines have fur that will not go away even if you run around yell and wave your paws. they will chew a gun stock all to a peaces. nature is always a nise thing.


gracie is wearing her front toes down to nubbens. she is crumbly and she does not know she has grape jam in her head fur.

i pat her arm it is so furry it is so nise and soft.

excuse me gracie how do you spell nomothetic?

gracie yells TAKE A HIKE.

then i go yell yah! yah! yah! into the window fan! it minces my very words!


snooples doesn't understand calendars
one time chessie had so many fleas they carried chessie arounds like a wine skin. that was in the rumpus room.

pope combed those fleas out of chessie with a soap comb. those fleas they floated right away on some bubbles. i drank that water.

toilet water with toilet paper in it is best. you eat some toilet paper and you throw some toilet paper all over the room. it is a thing you do in the middel of the nite.


snooples doesn't understand calendars
skunks and coffee smell the same, yet many people will argue. this kind of arguing makes your head stink and the skunks and the coffee, they just smell the same.

that is what i think.

here's my rabbbit.

my rabbit


snooples doesn't understand calendars
ben mediates, for he is BOOBISTIC. i know that as a simple fact.

me i am a franciscan catholic! i understand a few things!

sometime when i am patting the onions i go and say the rosary all in latin. it goes eglanteria rugosa multiflora rubrifolia hugonis hugonis hugonis hugonis hugonis. it is a most comforting thing.


snooples doesn't understand calendars
turtle basket is a good game if you ever want to play it. you go under the basket and shoot out toys. they go shooting back in! everybody is frightened by your paws they go snaking everywhere! i have the best paws for snaking.

chessie when it is her turn to be turtle she goes under the basket and just sits there. we become bored.


snooples doesn't understand calendars
one day i felt so bad i became a old tent. mome cheered me right up! with this here song!

o she isn't very pretty
and her bottom's always shitty!

tonight there is a show about corn. we cannot wait.


snooples doesn't understand calendars
i show gracie a rough draft she says GO WAY. nervs!

chickkenloaf she is calm as pie. humms a nise song.

now i will tell a story everybody will like: sometimes chessie holds the door open and all the cats file outside into the yard and we are all wearing nice hats with butterflys on tall springs that boing over top our heads. that is a dream i have at night.

do you sleep walk? i do! one time i waked up and i was dragging a pair of boxer shorts.


i have 2 brothers. they are not even dead! one is a munk in a monastery. one has the name little rabbit or sometimes soup bowl.

little rabbit he writes me letters. he writes

dear snooples,

do not worry about me. i have my own sofa.

love, little rabbit.

also i have a mom somewheres that is how i received my ears.


snooples doesn't understand calendars
gracie has accomplished her feces. gracie wants this here computer back. VAMOOSE SNOOPLES.

see you later i guess!

if you ever feel lonely or you have a bad flea you can't reach even with any of your your hind legs just go pat some onions and go like this

eglanteria rugosa multiflora rubrifolia foliosa moschata moyesii
glauca californica-plena hemisphaerica
sericea-pteracantha villosa xanthina
hugonis hugonis hugonis

it will just comfort you to no end.



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