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gracie's world 2005

Gracie De La Rue


March 1
Shoveling snow from the west portch all the way out to the Volkswagen Cathedral. Snooples, she is following behind with the pepper mill. Snooples is grinding pepper along the path.

Snooples is wearing new pink plush mittens and a new pink plush hat. The fringes upon the hat pom pom, they are just little snips.


That is what I tell Snooples.

Snooples is adjusting the squeaky lever on the pepper mill.


March 3
Shoveling snow from the east portch out to the compost heap and the tool shed and the nut house.

Snooples is creaking along behind with the pepper mill.


March 5
Shoveling snow out to the life size plastic deer.

That deer, it is dressed in a Victorian styled peach chiffon ball gown and a peach color tiara and dainty white slippers.

However it is not the proper time of year to wear white slippers.

Snooples is frowning and slapping the side of the pepper mill.


Snooples does not reply. Snooples is twitching the squeaky lever. Snooples' nose, it is bright pink. Snowflakes are settling upon Snooples whiskers and snow hat.

Oh here comes the snow plow.

There goes the mailbox down the road in front of the snow plow.


March 7
Watching a interesting episode of Tarsen: Viking of the Jungle with Ben and Chickenloaf and Pia and Chickenloaf's best friend Vidalia who is spending the night.

Nini, she is preparing a crock pot supper. I can smell the venison. Snooples, she is helping Nini. Snooples is attempting to peel the potatoes. Snooples is asking Nini how best to peel the potatoes.

This movie, it is pretty interesting. Tarsen, he is standing in the middle of a great large expansive savanna. Tarsen, he is wearing a leopard fur skirt plus a helmet with cow horns. Tarsen, he is yodeling and thumping upon his chest.

Oh here is Chessie come home. Chessie is stamping her rubber boots. Chessie is shaking snow blobs out of her scarf all over the Turkey Rug. Chessie has been welding in the shop room at school in the evenings. In order to complete the Pipe Organ in time for Easter.

Vidalia is fascinated by the television set. Possums, they do not get to watch much television.



March 8
6:30 a.m.

Am in pajamas and bare foots. Am standing on tiptoes and peering out the window.

It is snowing.


March 11
Shoveling snow from front door to Charlie's Miata. As Charlie must go birth a young cow.

Charlie, he is standing outside the front door and he is wrapping his gray woolen scarf around and around and around his neck. Charlie, he is placing his plaid Dunbar squarely upon his head. He is picking up his leather Veterinarian Bag.

Charlie's Miata, it is a lump of snow.

Chickenloaf and Ben are attempting to exhume the Miata with their mittened paws. It is difficult to locate the Miata as it is white. Chickenloaf and Ben, they are digging and digging. Yet there is no sign of the Miata.

Oh there is a antenna. There is a side mirror.

Here comes Chessie with a pumpkin colored extension cord and a blow dryer.

Chessie is attempting to thaw the Miata with a blow dryer.

Charlie is shoveling around the Miata with a great, large shovel.

Oh, here comes the snow plow.

There goes the two trash cans down the road in front of the snow plow.


March 13

Attempting to sketch some ox lips. It is for Gross Disgusting Anatomy class. It is a difficult class. The whiskers around these ox lips, they are difficult. Next we must memorize the nervous system of a blowfish.

Chessie and Bufo Woodhouse, they are absorbed in a book: The Power of the Peep. It is a Easter book.

Chessie is reading that book aloud to Bufo Woodhouse who has just woken up for the spring. Bufo, he is in his bathrobe. Bufo is sipping coffee with cream.


March 14
Shoveling snow once again from the west portch out to the Volkswagen Cathedral. Snooples and her pepper mill are creaking along behind.

The Tooney Brothers, they are sweeping snow from in front of the tavern under the Spiraea bushes.

Top o' the evenin' to ye!

The Tooney Brothers, they are leaning upon their push brooms. They are hailing at us with their shovel caps.

Snooples is hailing back with her pink plush snow hat. Snooples is waving and waving that snow hat. Little snippets of pink plush are fluttering down among the peppercorns on the snowy path.

Now the large Porky Pine is arriving in his Rolls Royce. Red rosebuds are glowing in the glass bud vases inside that Rolls Royce. The chauffeur, he is a bullfrog. The chauffeur, he is standing outside the Rolls Royce. He is opening the door for the Porky Pine and he is removing his chauffeur's cap and he is bowing.

That Porky Pine, he is doffing his top hat at all of us. He is consulting his enormous pocket watch.

He is unlocking the door of the tavern.

Here comes the snow plow. There goes the recycling bins down the road in front of the snow plow.


March 20
First Day of Spring

Shoveling snow with Snooples trudging behind and creaking the pepper mill. We are making a path from the front door to the pile of mail heaped next to the road.

Alas we are too late.

There goes the pile of mail down the road in front of the snow plow.


March 1, 2005

Dear Gracie,

We have determined the origin of the [illegible]!

You will be amazed. It arrived [illegible] from [illegible] which is near your home!

We have designated it as a holy [illegible] and welcome pilgrims and tourists.

[illegible] because of the [illegible] although you may find this too amazing [illegible] a million dollars!

All My Best,



March 22, 2005

Dear Muffin,

Your letter has arrived, however it was soggy.

A Amish man brought it in a buckboard.


Gracie De La Rue


March 24
Boiling eggs in anticipation of Easter festivities. The eggs, they are bobbling and churning in the water.

Snooples is laying out the paint brushes. Chessie is laying out several pairs of hot dog tongs.

Ben is mixing the food colors. However, Ben is pouring all the food colors into one bowl. So the eggs, I guess they will be black.


March 25

You do not do
You do not do

Taking a little break from studying for Poetry of Outrage exam.

Am searching for milk but there is no milk.

The refrigerator, it is full of black eggs.

Also there is no butter for popcorn. So no popcorn.

Oh good gracious it is snowing again.


March 26
Shoveling snow around the Volkswagen Cathedral in preparation for the arrival of the Pipe Organ.

It is a Big Day. Mom and Dad and Charlie and Chickenloaf and Nini and Weakie and Ms. Van Lips and Pia and Ben and Snooples and Chessie and Square Pants and Vidalia and the Tooney Brothers and the Porky Pine and the Mink who runs the furrier, they are standing outside with cameras. A Action News van is on the scene.

A newspaper reporter in a tight beige skirt suit and pointy high heels with little bows on the back is standing up to her ankles in the snow and is attempting to interview Chessie regarding her Pipe Organ. However Chessie is frowning thunderously and is kicking snow clods.

Chessie does not care to speak with newspaper reporters.

Charlie, he is moving his Miata out of the driveway and is parking it next to the road. On account of the tractor trailer, it will be here soon.

Oh, here is the tractor trailer. The Pipe Organ, it is secured to the flatbed by log chains. The Pipe Organ, it is 50 feet high.

A large crane is lifting the Pipe Organ off the truck. That crane, it is setting the Pipe Organ in the yard in front of the nose of the Volkswagen Cathedral.

The Pipe Organ, it is towering above the Volkswagen Cathedral. It is majestic.

Everybody is clapping and cheering.

Now Nini is playing Bach upon the Pipe Organ.

Here comes the snow plow. There goes the Action News van down the road sideways in front of the snow plow.


March 27
Hiding Easter eggs in the snow.

These Easter eggs, they are snowy white. On account of Ben, he stumbled with the laundry basket full of colored eggs. Nini prepared a enormous egg salad.

Here comes the snow plow.

There goes Charlie's Miata backwards down the road in front of the snow plow.


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