Also Goes By
Your Weakness; Crow Toes
More About Weakie
- Weakie sees another cat inside the lid of a big steel pot
- Weakie causes a stampede
- Your Weakness
- Weakie's Stools!
- Weakie conducts a forensic analysis
- In which Weakie instructs us that there are 687 shopping malls in Mali alone
- Weakie teaches us about Web Server Security
- Weakie plays one of the Three Wise Guys in the Christmas Play
- Ms. Wysiwyg, Main Teacher
- Out flew the wings!
- Out flew the wings!
- weakie and gracie engage in floor ballet
Elizabeth Wysiwyg
Weakie The Bare Weakie Facts

Family Farm, 1995
Approximately April 1984
- Founder and Headmistress, Bassettville Private Academy for Dilletante Mammals
Culinary Preferences
On very strict diet of Science Diet kibbles, that is all
- Catching up on her sleep
Heard on the Street
Weak! It was so weak!

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