Also Goes By
Babs; Chickarina; Chickalito; Miss Chicken; The Angry Teddybear, Little Grapette. Cherokee Name: Piddling Bear
More About Chickenloaf
- How Po Po Chips Got Their Name
- It turns out that Chickenloaf is Anastasia
- Looks like a bad photo of Elizabeth Taylor
- Chickenloaf goes into mourning following Sylvester the Cat's untimely demise
- Chickenloaf and Pia have a Big Fight
- Chickenloaf's recipe for Strawberry Flambé
- In which we learn that Chickenloaf is not a Cat but is a Mole. Sort of.
- Finally, proof that Chickenloaf is in fact a long-term member of the Nubian Underground
- In Which it is Discovered that Chickenloaf is Connected With The Nubian Underground
- Gracie Takes Her First Photograph of Chickenloaf
- A Chickenloaf is Like a Melody
- The Charlie and Chickenloaf Song
- It's Great to Be a Chicken!
- Class Pictures
- Chickenloaf contemplates purchasing an Azure Ice Elvis
- Chickenloaf is Cat of the Day
- ill-constructed sentences: the unfortunate jam
- chickenloaf, gracie, and nini are shrimp boat, meadow muffin, and dutch rabbit
Chickenloaf ToeDancer
Chickenloaf The Bare Chickenloaf Facts

SPCA,, April 1992
January 1992
- Student, Bassetville Private Academy for Dilletante Mammals
Culinary Preferences
Po Po Chips and Milk
- Splashing rain puddles while wearing her little red rain boots
Heard on the Street
"Camp was fun when Ben found a big bote that somebody lost so that's pretty good! The boat it was full of irons so I guess there was a lot of winkled pinafores and pantywaists for a long while after that bote was lost! It was a big bote but not the TITANIC. Pia she got a splintered foot."

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